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Is Venmo Identity Verification Secure?

We've already mentioned that Venmo identity verification can be done safely. According to the company's website, Venmo has been informing its users that they need to verify their identities in the Venmo App. This is legitimate. However, you have to confirm that Venmo is asking for your information.

Venmo does not ask you for your personal information on any website. This means that you shouldn't give out any personal information via email, text, website or phone. It doesn't allow you to verify your identity even on its official website.

Instead, the app sends you an email to inform you that identity verification is required. The email also asks you for verification of your identity. Venmo knows that identity thieves can use Venmo's name to scam people.

However, it's normal to be nervous about entering sensitive information in the app, such as your social security number. Eva Velasquez (SEO of the ID Theft Center), states that data breaches could expose sensitive information if Venmo stores it.

However, that doesn't mean you should not continue with Venmo identity verification. A platform that doesn't require them is not only violative of federal law, but also more likely to identify crimes that are likely to occur than data breaches.

Venmo identity verification is very risk-free, as we are talking about one of the largest online sellers.

Venmo Asks for Identity Verification

Venmo requests an identity verification because Venmo, a money transfer app, is required by federal law. Any payment processor app that can access a balance or makes transactions must collect the necessary information to verify identity. This is according to the USA Patriot Act.

This lowers the chance of identity fraud and other crimes.

You can also use your Venmo money by verifying your identity. Venmo doesn't know why there have been more Venmo ID requests this year. The app has seen several changes in recent months, which could be one reason.

What occurs if I don't verify my identity on Venmo

You might think it would be easier to ignore verification than to verify it is safe. Here's what it means for your account. Venmo will not allow you to make payments if you don't verify your identity within the specified period.

You will still be able to use the app, but money will transfer from your bank account or credit card to it. This means that your Venmo account will not be able to access funds.

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How do I verify my identity on Venmo?

We've already talked about the safety of Venmo's app-based verification system. But what exactly does this process look like? You should:

  1. Use Android or iPhone to open the Venmo app.

  2. Click the three stackable bars in the upper left corner of the screen.

  3. Select "Settings" in the sidebar.

  4. Under "Security", select "Identity Verification".

  5. To complete your security check, tap "Next" on the page for information about the one-time security checks.

  6. Enter your legal name and last name, your date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number. You can choose "I don’t have an SSN" if you don’t have one.

  7. To complete any prompts on the screen, select "Next".

Am I required to complete the identity verification as a new Venmo user?

All Venmo users are emailed with identity verification. You won't have to do it, but you must verify your identity to access your Venmo balance. You can then use the Venmo balance to make transactions.

Tips for a Safe Venmo Experience

While Identity Verification can protect you from identity crimes, it is not enough to ensure a safe Venmo experience. Here's what to do:

  • Enable Security Features: Enabling screen locks/biometric locks and "Lock and Find My Phone" makes it hard for hackers to steal credentials and balance.

  • Do not respond to unsolicited emails or messages. Don't send money directly through Venmo if you receive one. Don't click any attachments or links in these messages.

  • Search for Suspicious Activity. Report any suspicious activity to Venmo right away and change your passwords.

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