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Backup IMAP Emails Using Shoviv IMAP Email Backup Tool

Shoviv IMAP Backup software is another option for IMAP users who don't wish to use Outlook to backup their emails.You can even set filters to IMAP mailboxes to ensure selective data backup.

1. The software can be installed and launched on your system.

Click to download Shoviv IMAP Backup Software

2. To add IMAP accounts, click on the Add button after launching the program.

3. Enter the credentials to IMAP account, along with the port number and server name . Click Add.

4. You will see the IMAP account added to your screen. Click Set filter or Migrate.

You can backup multiple IMAP accounts using this software.

5. Next, use the filtersto IMAP mailbox based on your needs and click I am okay Start Migration.

6. The Save as popup will appear. Select the format in which you wish to save the file, and then click OK. The default option for saving PST files is chosen.

7. Browse and select the folders you wish to save the file, and then click OK.

8. The software will begin to backup IMAP mailbox. Once it is done, a notification screen will appear. Click OK for the end of the process.

Click Save report to CSV to save the report. This will allow you to backup IMAP mailboxes.

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